About IImagin8 Solution
IImagin8 Solution is an information technology company established in Malaysia since 2019 and is mostly engaged in the development of software. In addition to software development, IImagin8 Solution is also involved in web development, digital marketing, data analytics, software testing and hosting. Not only do we cater to the market in Malaysia but has also touched places abroad such as Indonesia and Unites States of America.
IImagin8 Solution is comprised by teams of dedicated and passionate individuals, coming together to pitch in their professionalism and skills to assist organization when it comes down to area related to software and web technology. Our care for customers' needs and requirements is what make us a preferred choice and our customer service is the major factor of maintaining a long-term relationship with our customers.
Daily Users 120 +
Total Users 200 +
Daily Activities 180 +
Our Mission
To provide the essential software, system, website and other IT solutions for organizations to boost their business productivity and workflow efficiency. We ensure that our customers are provided with useful solutions, measurable by its utility and usability.
Our Clients